IOT and security

IOT and security

This course has multiple modules covering the different scenario of IOT deployment, use cases and risks security breaches vulnerabilities and threat mitigation and solutions. This course will also cover the migration security issues introduce because of embedded devices moving from traditional solution to IOT. Challenges in certificate management and data storage, end to end identification of vulnerability of IOT solution, utilizing penetration testing tool modeling vulnerabilities, and also analyzing real time scenarios with the embedded hardware. Also consideration of security with cloud solution.

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IOT fundamentals

  • Need for IOT
  • Risks and security impact of IOT
  • IOT in retail, home, manufacturing, transportation
  • IOT architecture
  • IOT embedded device architecture with raspberry pi example
  • IOT and wireless protocols
  • Tools for IOT development
  • Deployment and real time use cases
  • IOT security foundation
  • Impact of programming language
  • Integration sensor, wall, wired and wireless devices to network

IOT security basics and protocols

  • Information security 101
  • GDPR and privacy
  • Cyber security vs IOT security
  • What is vulnerability
  • What is CVE(Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) database
  • Different types of attack(example DoS attack, SYN attack, MITM attack)
  • L3 attacks
  • L1 and L2 attacks
  • Physical embedded device security
  • Vulnerabilities with operating system
  • File system vulnerabilities
  • Kernel vulnerabilities
  • Boot loader vulnerabilities
  • IOT core protocols (MQTT, HTTP, COAP)
  • SSL communication with IOT(MQTTS and HTTPS)
  • OTA challenges and vulnerabilities
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric algorithms
  • Hash algorithm
  • Digital signature
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Introduction to penetration testing tools
  • Scanning with nmap


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