Embedded C and Micro Controller

Embedded C and Micro Controller

This course will cover exclusively learning on embedded C and developing projects and Micro Controller based on STM32, AVR and other ARM Controllers. Some of the highlights about the courses implement the use case like creating robot ARM, vending machine etc.


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embedded c

  • Basics of embedded c
  • Compilation and linking for target device
  • Using Keil IDE / Eclipse for embedded c programming
  • Using STM studio and ESP IDE
  • Using macros and inline functions
  • Using register volatile and static variables
  • Implementing interrupt handler in c
  • Structure and Union
  • Shift operations
  • Inline assembly
  • Relays and timers
  • Function pointers and callback
  • Using Hash error
  • Using #pragma
  • Interfacing Serial port
  • Interfacing temperature sensor

micro controller concepts

  • Implementation of finite state machine, embedded system design principles
  • Design consideration embedded product and hardware design
  • Debugging and playing with target boards
  • Debugging with different instruments like oscilloscope, multi meter, analyzer etc.
  • Power considerations in the embedded design
  • Difference between 8, 16, 32 bit micro controller
  • Micro controller architecture generic
  • Micro controller architecture with ARM Cortex-M
  • Architecture of ESP8266/ESP32
  • Registers memory mapped input
  • Accessing Flash and SRAM
  • External memory access
  • I2C, SPI basics
  • DMA with SPI, I2S, and other peripherals
  • Interrupts
  • Timers and Watchdog
  • Interfacing different peripherals with SPI, I2C, ADC, PWM, CCP, MMC, GPIO
  • Interfacing serial port in RS232, RS485 mode

Micro controller advance programming and RTOS

  • Basics of RTOS
  • Details of different RTOS available(FreeRTOS, zephyr os, Nucleus RTOS, QNX, VxWorks)
  • Task and Threads, threads FT, re-entrant
  • Scheduling (hard real time and soft real time)
  • Shared memory and message queue, mailbox
  • FreeRTOS with STM32 and ESP32
  • Compiling a example project and loading into target board
  • FreeRTOS and TCP/IP stack(LwIP)
  • Developing a sample projects on data acquisition, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, temperature and humidity, ultrasonic sensor, motor controller, Voltage and current sensing

Real time projects

  • Working on a real time projects
  • Involving development of a FreeRTOS based use cases in STM32 and /ESP32Example projects like real time analytics on vehicle sensors and controlling unit
  • Robot on implementation
  • Wi-Fi based water tank controller
  • Wi-Fi based garden water irrigation system
  • Bluetooth based lighting control


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