android and iOT

android and iOT

This course will cover development of IOT application based on android as a mobile device and also gateway platform for headless mode. In this course will cover basics of IOT, benefits of IOT, risk and privacy, android application development basic, design consideration of IOT application, along with example project implementation, working with industry for real time project execution and open source contribution.


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IOT basics

  • IOT concepts networking topology
  • Communication protocols
  • Benefits of internet of things
  • Security and privacy
  • Risk involved in IOT deployment design consideration
  • IOT device and provisioning
  • OTA requirements of IOT MQTT protocols, AWS IOT, SDK, FReeRTOS IOT

Android basics

  • Android platform and architecture
  • Android SDK and NDK
  • Compile android application using android studio
  • Android services
  • Android app development basics
  • Intents and intent filters
  • Android binder
  • Android permissions
  • Android application framework (native java/kotlin, react native, flutter, xamarin ,cordova, framework 7, laravel, kivy python)
  • Loading android application device
  • Integrating native libraries and package
  • Building system apps and services

IOT with android

  • MQTT with android
  • Using paho android package with android app
  • Communicating with AWS / AZURE cloud
  • Integrating sensors with android app
  • Sending REST / JSON data to the google Firebase
  • Implementing BLE application
  • Implementing and integrating wife features in android app
  • Data persistent and management in IOT
  • IAM(Identity and Access Management) for the user
  • Detecting devices dynamically
  • Integrate with machine learning platform
  • Development sample project
  • Integrating with locating services

Android as headless device

  • Exposing services out of android
  • Creating android device clusters
  • On-boarding devices to cloud
  • OTA with android devices
  • Example projects like integrating glucometer, BLE temperature sensor, WiFi water irrigation system, lighting control, supply chain and logistics application like chiller management with location tracking, vehicle performance etc.
  • Real time projects with android IOT solutions


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