Android platform development

Android platform development

This course will introduce basics of android platform, os architecture, Linux kernel integration, security policy of android, hardware integration ,booting the device, debugging the platform , bring up of android based os on custom hardware and real time projects with industry and open source contribution.


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android platform basics

  • Different versions of android
  • Android OS architecture
  • Linux kernel and android OS
  • Android file system basics
  • Booting of Linux kernel
  • Android Boot loader and u boot
  • Booting android system
  • Android console
  • Android kernel and initramfs
  • init.rc file in android
  • Android device partitioning
  • HAL in android
  • HAL service in android binder and events
  • Android kernel customization
  • SurfaceFlinger in android
  • Android framework customization

Android platform bring up

  • Raspberry pi and android
  • Compiling android code
  • Android BSP customization
  • AOSP code structure
  • Modification in device directory
  • Modification in vendor directory
  • Adding and removing application in android builder
  • Loading images to the board
  • DTS customization for android
  • Linux kernel customization
  • SE Linux consideration for android
  • ADB and fast boot
  • Android recovery OS and tools
  • Customizing the drivers and framework
  • Android auto, wear OS and concepts
  • Integrating sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth, zigbee with android
  • Android in headless mode
  • Example projects with android IVI (vehicle dashboard), android watch, android variable etc.
  • Real time projects with industry and open source contribution


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