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This Era is witnessing open source revolution with every department of enterprise trying to adapt opensource technology to achieve faster business goals. Open source helps the IT/OT departments to achieve agility and provide flexibility, huge community driven projects changing the software landscape by providing a rich set of open standard compliance, interfaces to interoperate with multiple software.

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Also opensource is helping in solving complex software and hardware solutions with contribution from community / companies to make opensource enterprise ready.

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Opensource on the other hand provides a strategic benefit in terms of changing deployment model, vendor neutral implementation and provides tremendous possibilities and use cases to explore within no time. Recent days opensource technology allowed healthcare industry to achieve faster hippa compliance with security, flexibility and affordability.

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@ Abhi Micro focused to join hands in opensource revolution, geared to contribute and develop solutions based on opensource technology for its customers in area of Agritech, healthcare and AI, toys and gaming industry.

Training @Abhi micro

Abhi micro provides embedded system and information technology training in the areas of RISC-V computing, embedded system, Linux kernel, device drivers, Linux BSP, Multimedia acceleration, IOT, AI, Deep learning and block chain, provides real time product development experience with opensource contribution, immense opportunity for learning and opensource contribution with strong industry network abhi micro provides direct placement / job assistants to the students who undergo training at abhi micro. Read More

Our offerings :

  • Embedded system training
  • RISC V training
  • Precision forming
  • IOT with indoor and roof top forming
  • IOT and water resource management
  • Connected electrical tractors
  • Edge computing and AI
  • Healthcare and wearable
  • AI and Wearable
  • Linux consulting
  • Linux and wireless
  • Linux and 5G
  • Linux and SDN
  • Linux, SDS and storage
  • Linux and RDMA
  • Linux and hardware acceleration
  • Linux and Robotics
  • Industry 4.0 and 5.0
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